Food in the Rainforest
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Click each animal to learn about what it eats. Next, complete pages 2 and 3 in your Rainforest Detective Notebook to show what you have learned.
Tapir: I am a tapir. I look a little bit like a pig. I have a long snout that I use to grab and eat leaves and fruit. I can even dive into rivers to find plants that grow underwater!
Toucan: I am a bird with a long, colorful beak. I am a toucan! My beak looks heavy, but it's not. I use my beak to eat lizards, eggs and fruit.
Hummingbird: Can you hear my wings beating? I am a hummingbird. I can flap my wings very quickly to fly forwards and backwards. I can even hover in mid-air! I eat bugs and nectar, a sugary liquid inside flowers.
Capuchin Monkey: There are many types of monkeys in the rainforest. I am a capuchin monkey. I am small and my fur is brown and white. I eat lots of different things, like fruit, bugs, leaves, nuts, frogs, lizards and even small birds.
Red-Eyed Tree Frog: I am a red-eyed tree frog. I have bright green skin, red eyes and a long, sticky tongue. I use my tongue to catch and eat bugs. 
Leafcutter Ant: I am a leafcutter ant. I am called that because I use my mouth to cut large pieces of leaves from trees. But I do not eat the leaves. I bring them back to my nest. I use the leaves to grow fungus, a spongy material. Then I eat the fungus!

Image description: The image shows an illustration of a rainforest scene with some of the plants and animals of the rainforest.  A hummingbird hovers above a tropical flower. A leafcutter ant crawls toward a droplet of water on a leaf. A capuchin monkey dips its hand in a pool of water. A red-eyed tree frog hops onto a lily pad in a pond. A tapir eats grass, and a toucan is perched on a tree branch.