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Water for Everyone

toucan eating fruit from a tree while sitting on a tree branch

Toucans do not need to drink a lot of water. They mostly get water from the fruit they eat. But they will sometimes drink water that gets trapped in holes in trees and on leaves.

hummingbird hovering in front of a flower

Hummingbirds do not need to drink much. They get most of the water they need from the flower nectar they drink.

capuchin monkey eating fruit from a tree

Capuchin monkeys also like to drink water. They drink rainwater that has collected on leaves or in plants. If they cannot find water in the trees, they will climb down to get water from rivers and ponds.

tapir swimming in a pond

Tapirs spend lots of time in the water. They drink often from rivers, ponds and water holes.

wet red-eyed tree frog on a wet leaf

Water is important to red-eyed tree frogs. They start their lives as tadpoles in pools and ponds, and they need to return to water often as adults to keep their skin wet.

two leafcutter ants on a leaf eating plant sap

Leafcutter ants are small, so they do not need a lot of water. They get water from puddles, tiny drops of water on leaves, or plant sap—a liquid found inside plants.