Who Lives Here? Video
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Toucans live in the tree canopy. They take shelter in holes they find in trees. They sleep there at night, and they lay their eggs there, too. Sometimes many toucans share the same hole. Life in the trees can be pretty crowded for a toucan!
Hummingbirds live in the treetops, too. They take shelter in areas that have lots of leaves. When it is time to raise baby hummingbirds, they build nests on branches that are protected from the sun, rain and other animals. 
Leafcutter ants live in big, underground nests that they dig into the forest floor. Ants lay their eggs in the nest so that baby ants can be protected as well.
Tapirs live on land and in water, and they love to roll in the mud. When they are afraid, they take shelter in the water or in areas with lots of leaves.
Capuchin monkeys live mainly in trees. They spend most of the day looking for food in the trees. The monkeys take shelter in leafy areas. At night, they sleep on tree branches.
Red-eyed tree frogs start life as tadpoles living in water. When they become frogs, they move to the trees and live in the rainforest canopy. Red-eyed tree frogs take shelter by sleeping on the underside of leaves. Good thing they have sticky fingers and toes to help them hang on!